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Quoth the Mrtya Mara:

“Ooh, car-accident, eh? That was a close one. Next time you might not be so lucky… have a nice day!”

The Mara Tribes:

Deva Putra Mara
Klesha Mara
Mrtya Mara
Skhanda Mara

Kith Excerpt:

When the Buddha Siddhartha sat under the tree, himself not yet quite the Buddha, Mara the Distractor – Godfather of Demons – offered temptations and distractions to shake him from the path. Though the Buddha saw through them all, they still exist in and of themselves. Four Tribes arose – the Mara Zo-dor, named for the Grandfather God. Each of the four Tribes oversees, and IS, a principle distraction that prevents ascension in mortals, Fae, or other.

The Mrtya Mara are the children of the perceived ending of all things, the obstacles of awareness of cessation, The Kings of the Fear of Death, The illusion of Termination, and removal of all aspects integral to the aggregate factors of experience. In Layman’s terms – you’re all going to die, and you should be intimidating by that concept. These Mara are the Lords of the limiting experience that is life, and the distraction this causes – making it hard to think about life knowing that death is just around the corner. This should never be misconstrued as Banality or Dukha. It is important to realize that everything and everyone and everywhere and everywhen will eventually collapse into a great heat-death of the Universe, and the tiny tiny insignificant life of one rice-paper flesh mortal is part of that. Such knowledge should be treasured– so the Mrtya Mara will remind you time and time again.

None of the Mara are evil, and the Grandfather God Mara himself should never be mistaken for “The Devil.” The Mryta Mara see what they do as a service to the World, ensuring that status quo of oblivion understood by all, and how such knowledge strengthens those who think themselves above it. For all of the bad publicity their Tribes receive, the Mryta understand that they are an integral part of a ceasing reality– one that is all too easy to forget – and forgetting that knowledge can be dangerous.



“Whenever ego suffers from fear of death & your practice turns to seeing impermanence, ego settles down.”
― Tsoknyi Rinpoche, “Carefree Dignity: Discourses on Training in the Nature of Mind”

– Fight Club


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