A Year and A Day: Gremlins

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Gremlins.pdf

Quoth the Gremlin:

“Hold on to your lugnuts, Jack, we’re about to blow the mother-ship… YEEHAW!”

Kith Excerpt:

Sabotaging aircraft, overloading circuit boards, ripping wires to shreds: a hegemony of chaos for the sake of brotherhood and camaraderie. The Gremlins, whose name is old Germanic for “to Vex”, have been plying their nihilistic trade for a while, yet have only gathered notice since the Second Great War. Roahld Dahl, the children’s author of “Willy Wonka” has claimed to know them well, and it was to him personally that most of their secerets were shared. He shared, supposedly, against their wishes. That’s okay though, the Gremlins wanted to be known.

Unlike their cousins the Nockers or the Goblins, the Gremlins don’t rightly care what you think. They enjoy their work, and it is their Dreaming-Given duty to keep things interesting and moving. Things need to be broken before they can be rebuilt, and complacency breeds hazards. More than anything is the loomng threat of stagnation, which is the hallmark of the coming Winter. The Gremlins know this, and ensure that every bolt loosened and every wire stripped serves a greater purpose

If all this means that there’s a couple of crashes, then so be it,it was all for the better, yes? SURE! In fact, the Gremlins have a built in defense that always endears them to their allies. (See Birthright below). Is what they do wrong? Evil? Unseelie? Not nessecarily. What the truth of it all can be debated for hours, the Gremlins are’nt the master debators that the Sidhe are. The Gremlins are too busy for such navel-gazing diatribe. They have work to do. It’s a dirty job, true. But they love it.



“But it’s so hard to make things simple and so easy to make them complicated.”
― Richard Matheson, “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet: Horror Stories”


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