A Year and A Day: Huitzilin

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Huitzlin:

“Know that I am the obsidian claw of the Hummingbird on the Left, and from the Place of Shining he sent me to taste your hearts-blood. Don’t worry. Your death will bring him glory, and I will always remember the taste of your death.”

Kith Excerpt:

The mysterious bright shining isle from which the Ayauhcalli hailed was Aztlan. The God-Protector of this realm was Huitzilpochtli. He was the patron God of war, the sun, strategy, sacrifice – all of the most important aspects of Aztec life. He was the Hummingbird on the Left (the South) and watched over his beloved Tenochtitlan with the Zeal only a God of War can understand.

His children, likewise, inherited these same roles. The Calli (Kith) known as Huitzlin are the brightly feathered progeny of the Hummingbird on the Left and protect the whole of the Empire of the Dusk to the exclusion of all else. Militant in the extreme, the Children of the Sun God are killers, knights, berserkers, and even simple thugs. Yet they perform all these roles with religious fervor unparalleled amongst their fellows..

Under the brightness of the Sun they seek out despoilers of their father’s will and mete out swift justice to those who harm their fellow Ayauhcalli (Fae). Their justice comes swifter, perhaps, than any other creature in any Dreaming Kingdom. No surprise as their Father was the Hummingbird God of war. The ultimate goal of this Calli then, is to win their Father’s favor. One day, they may even be reunited with him in Aztlan.



“A people of soldiers and priests, stargazers and sacrificers. And of poets: that world of brilliant colours and shadowy passions was interspersed with brief, prodigious flashes of poetry. And in all the manifestations of that extraordinary and terrible nation, from astronomical myths to poets’ metaphors, and from daily rituals to priests’ meditations, the obsession, the smell, the stench of blood.” – Octavio Paz, “Labyrinth of Solitude”


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