A Year and A Day: Mu

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Mu:

“Vampires? In Hawaii? I’m afraid you’re mistaken, there are a fair share of monsters, but no blood-drinkers I assure you.”

Kith Excerpt:

Long ago, the continent of Mū was a fulcrum on which balanced this world and the Other-Worlds of the Deep Dreaming. Strange Creatures of all Realms could traipse between dimensions with ease. Yet its own hubris caused it to fail, and that great kingdom of Mū was plunged beneath the sea in a world-shattering cataclysm. Only its mountainous peaks survived, raising high above the seabed, and becoming the varied Islands of Polynesia today. Some of Mū’s citizens survived by settling on those peaks – perhaps the famous Menehune of today. Others gravitated towards a more aquatic existence, like the Adaro and and Fe’e. One Kadugo (Kith), a family of Adhene from those Deep Dreaming Worlds, settled beneath the sea, struggling to survive in a new Waking World, with limited magics, and a broken semblance of the Changeling Way. They attempted to gain footholds of course, but were driven back by the Menehune, who time and time again cast them back to the Deeps.

There are fewer Menehune today, however, and the blood- thirsty tribe of Mū, perhaps named for that long-drowned country have come back to the surface. Barely a Huringa (Changeling), the vampiric Mū are a Tribe of Adhene, with as little dealing with the other Kadugo as possible. Their existence begins and ends with the quest for more blood, their life-force as well as the source of their own twisted magics. While they can muster a form for interactions with mortals, the dry conditions of land-walking and bright light of the sun halts their plans of conquest of the surface world- for now. Time will tell, however, and one day the remnants of that once great Kingdom of Mū may rise again.



“Living off of Morsels, Trying to fill my torso.” – Mu, “Vampire”


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