A Year and A Day: Dokkalfar

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Quoth the Dokkalfar:

“You sit in a chair under the sun, in full view of all, and brag about how short your live are? And then you claim descent from the liar All-Father and his bastard Get? And then you dismiss the fecund Maggots from whose loins you slithered out of? With such lies, is it any wonder that your pitifully short life is filled with such misery and misunderstanding?”

Kith Excerpt:

While the Volsung may claim kinship to the Van and the Aes, their dark counterparts the Dokkalfar have a different origin. They claim that both they and the Volsung were both one tribe of Disir (Kith). This tribe consisted of the same Get of maggots that spawned the Nibelung and other Dark Fae. This tribe of Maggots crawled deep, past rotten sinew and spongy bones, deeper and deeper until they came across other dark families, well below the known body of Ymir. These other dark families were crawling things: boasting multiple limbs, discreet venoms, and whispering words of power. In exchange for obedience and services rendered, half of these Maggots learned the subtle arts of these dark families. This half of the Maggots grew potent in their power, and wise in the darkness. They became the Dokkalfar, far surpassing the lords of light in their shadowy supremacy. They grew as beautiful as a starless night sky and as hard as the black rock beneath their feet.

They maintained ties with these Dark-families below, and today continue to grow in mysterious magics not meant for just any Disir. Only the Dokkalfar have the true natures to handle such gifts. They don’t have the Ljósálfar (Seelie) Legacy and Svaltalfar (Unseelie) Legacy like the other Alva do. Instead, they have a double Svaltalfar Legacy, a testament to their rights to rule, set up by Fate, by blood, by strength, and by their very principles. They are akin to the Celtic notions of Thallain, but balk at being compared thusly.

As for that other half of the Maggot tribe? They grew scared and ran like tattle-tale children to the Aes and Van, crying and mewling, faces streaked with snot and tears.. The Van and Aes, rewarding their cowardice (as is the way of the Gods) transformed them from the proud maggots they were into pale and lipid caricatures who called themselves Volsung. Even to this day, they spend their time whiling away their short existence in service to the Gods.



“Those who rely on certainties are certain to be disappointed.”
― R.A. Salvatore, “Road of the Patriarch”


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