A Year and A Day: Fermet

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Quoth the Fermet:

“A spoonful of sugar, of course my darling duck, but with two spoonfuls of cardomam bitters, as well.”

Kith Excerpt:

Horehound and Sassafras, juniper and anise, not all candies are meant to be sickingly sweet. There are some candies derived from more medicinal tinctures. Old cola flavors and root beers and ginger tonics and spiced distillates just this side of bitter are as prized as sweets in San Azúcar’s back-alley apothecaries. The hooded and be-masked Fermets, flavor alchemists in the Kingdom of Sweets, have been dabbling in this the most estudious of saccarine-sciences since always.

Like the Sluagh of the Concordian Fae courts (Who may or may not share blood relations with the Fermet), this bitter Kith keeps well to their own devices in dank labratories far away from prying eyes. Here they distill bitter essences and piquant compounds to make newer and newer flavors of candy to rival the sugary ones. After all, over-much sweets deaden the tongue, no?

Mallow and molasses, kola nut and camphor, violets, burdock, cherry bark, amber, burnt Fennel and of course- the ever present licorice root; the catalogue of curative compounds in the Fermet’s candy border on a Snake-Oil Salesman’s. Yet Candy is still their calling, even if the candy falls into the annals of pharmaceutical flavors.



“Before it becomes too rich or too comfortable, the moment shifts and begins to ground itself in darkness with the root of a shallot and the hint of crushed peppercorn. But then, the taste deepens. The memory of rebirth is made manifest with the sacred chervil, sweet and grassy with a note of licorice, whose spring scent is so like myrrh that it recalls the gift of the Wise Men and the holy birth whenever it is tasted.”
― N.M. Kelby, “White Truffles in Winter”

“We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.”
― Jerry Garcia


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