A Year and A Day: Hodag

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Hodag:

“Hola stranger, nice day for a walk in the woods isn’t it? Might I ask what you’re doing out here though?”

Kith Excerpt:

In Northern Wisconsin, the forests are wild, the winters are severe, and the tales are tall. Paul Bunyan and his Troll-ox, fabulous beasts such as the Hide-Behinds, more ghosts than you can shake a rowan-stake at; there is no end to Wisconsin’s powerful folklore. Perhaps the most famous of the state’s monsters is to be found in the small Northern town or Rhinelander. More than just a monster, but not quite on point as a Kith, the Hodag has a special place in the heart of the Rhinelanders. He is the mascot of a local foot-ball team, has his own Hodag-themed phone-apps, and even sports a museum where Hodag plushies, keychains, and bric-a-brac can be purchased at competitive pricing. While this may prove to be banal for others, it encourages this family of Fae to keep up the good work of protecting their own.

Coming with the dreams of Scandinavian and German immigrants, the Hodag was a small family of Goblins who quickly realized the parallels between American Wilderness and the Black-Forests of their homeland. Setting up shop in the dark and wild woods of the Lake-Countries, they would guide and protect their German kinfolk against the rising tides of banality. The people of the small towns (Such as Rhinelander) not only remembered the old-ways but celebrated them. Nothing could sway the minds of the German and Norse families of the little Northern towns away from their beloved stories, and no stories were more beloved than of the Hodag.

The end of this perfect dream arose in 1895 a Wisconsin land surveyor, timber cruiser and Incorrigible kinain Eugene Shepard apprehended a Hodag in Rhinelander. The Hidden cabal of Mages known as the Technocracy swept in to prove this a hoax. With one of their own being captured, and then the whole of the Kith being faced with a National proclamation that they were fictional, the Hodags went Unseelie for the first time. The rest is history…



“They sat on the stony ground and he took a cigarette out and everyone else came down to listen
It was the winter 1963; it felt like the world would freeze.”
– Dream Academy, “Life in a Northern Town”


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