A Year and A Day: Fjalravn

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Fjalravn:

*None – just cold stares.

Kith Excerpt:

There is one strange fey creature as cold and silent and empty as the icy realm of Niflheim. They are Fjalravn (Literally, the Fell-Ravens, or the ravens of the slain) and are as far removed from the Alva (Changeling) as the Alva are removed from men. More Celtic-minded Kithain cite these creatures as Denizens, or Adhene. The Alva of the North-lands humor their ignorant cousins, but have a better explanation. The Fjalravn are simply the hunger of Niflheim.

Those wise in the ways of Norse Kennings whisper of these creatures and their constant hunt for warmth. Be it a hearty fire, or the frenzied beating heart of a scared hare. What matters most is the warmth. Why these creatures hunt for warmth is rarely explored. Some posit that it is the only thing that brings them joy. (Although the lack of smiles marks joy as something anathema to the Fjalravns). Others whisper that they are on a darkly divine mission to bring the real-world slightly closer to Niflheim.

The Fjalravn themselves have nothing to say on the matter. They just pursue their alien ends as they see fit, constantly hungry-looking and constantly seeking out warmth to extinguish. This doesn’t make them evil, just other.



“The way a crow – Shook down on me
The dust of snow – From a hemlock tree.”
– Robert Frost, “Dust of Snow”


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