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Quoth the Duphon:

“Do not think me vapid. My appearance has little bearing on my faculty, despite any misgivings you may have on those more attractive than you. Of which I wouldn’t be amiss to assume accounts for the majority of the world’s populace. Now please, assume some decorum, and we may begin.”

Kith Excerpt:

Perhaps one of the most celebrated of all the Fae in Neustria is the Duphon. The Duphon once held sway throughout all of Europe and while they may still yet be found in these varied places, it is in France that the majority of the Lutin (Fae) have found their home. An all-female Fabian (Kith) to a one, this matriarchal line is celebrated for wisdom, grace, and more than anything it’s unearthly beauty.

The Duphon are skin-changers, akin to the Selkies, and have feathery raiment that gets passed down from member to member. The Raiment varies in appearance, but always appears in the heights of haute-couture. In Fae mien, it appears as if made from feathers, and upon seeing it, most French Fae the world over can surmise the wielder’s Kith.

The Ben Socio (Seelie) Duphon are benevolent, gentile, and gregarious to a one. Even the most Croquemitaine (Unseelie) bear a serene regality that boasts sincerity and candor. While this is usually the hallmark of the Seelie Houses, the Duphon see this is as their Raison d’état, and engage all their fellow Fabian with frankness, if not cordiality. It is small wonder that all the other French Lutin look to the Duphon as their ruling elite.

When a Duphon Gran-Dame enters the later stages of her life, she will search for kinain (often a blood-relative, but not always) to bequeath her feathered raiment to. This is cause for much celebration, as it means that another Duphon is brought into the fold. But this is also a somber fare-well, as it means that one of the eldest is leaving her Dreaming life behind.



“Personne ne se rend compte que certaines personnes dépensent énormément d’énergie simplement pour être normales.”
“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”
– Albert Camus


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