A Year and A Day: Kobold

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Kobold:

“A chunk of Iron you say? How big? Okay, I guess I can squeeze out a keg of mead or so just to take it off your hands for you. No, no. the Waltschrats won’t be interested.”

Kith Excerpt:

An often-misrepresented Abstammung (Kith), the Kobolds have been painted as caricatures of their true selves for hundreds of years. What is heard of them is often half-truths; ugly hear-say and gossip. They’re described as lizard and monkey and dog-like, stupid and war-mongering tribal cave-dwellers with a penchant for mining and a desire for worthless trinkets, heedless of said trinkets true value as long as it’s shiny. The truth of the kobolds is far removed from these stereotypes. Why the distortion of this innocent Abstammung? Perhaps it is due to the disgust most feel for these tiny Wechselbalg (Fae).

In truth, the Kobolds are a tribe of cave-dwellers. But this is due to their mining capabilities. These capabilities many Kobolds utilize in their daily mortal lives- like mineworkers, drillers, and machine-smiths. This also serves to keep the Kobolds out of the sun (see frailty below). And while they may love battle (but who amongst the Wechselbalg doesn’t love a good scrap?) they are far from being war-mongering. As far as stupid? Hardly. The Kobolds are quick-witted, clever masters of the forge, with a love of haggling that puts most bean-counters to shame.

And as far as those afore-mentioned trinkets? The Kobold has an eye and a nose for metals, and what may appear to be useless to the person trying to sucker the Kobold, but often turns out to be something truly rare and magical. One has to wonder who the true rube in the deal is.



“The sun is shining out of my hands
It can burn, it can blind you
When it breaks out of the fists
It lays down hotly on your face
It lays down painfully on your chest
Balance is lost
It lets you go hard to the floor
And the world counts loudly to ten.”
– Rammstein, “Sonne”


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