A Year and A Day: Glashtyn

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Glashtyn:

“Good evening, Miss. I hope I’m not intruding, but you look as if you might need a spot of help. Is there anything I can do?”

Kith Excerpt:

Not to be confused with the Glaistig, those goat girls all girthed in green, the Glashtyn are the goodest boys of the Outworld waters. This all-male Hyperborean kith comes in two varieties. There are the attractive thin Glashtyn with tight cords of wiry lean muscle. And there are the attractive thick ones with large frames of heavy muscles. Both types are pleasing to the eye, and both types are capable of transformation. The thin ones become tall and handsome stallions, and the thick become stout stud bulls. Both are dripping with sea foam, and both are kind and soft-hearted.

Perhaps they are a Dreaming born answer to the selfish predations of the Glaistig, or perhaps they are distant descendants of the Celtic Sea Gods’ watery stables. With the Glashtyn’s loyalty and benevolence suggests either origin is possible. While not a Marcra Kith, they are unusually Seelie, a trait that puts them at odds with the other aquatic Hyperborean Fae (of which there are many).



“I couldn’t get you to the ocean, but there was nothing stopping me bringing the ocean to you.”
― Neil Gaiman, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”


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