A Year and A Day: Vily

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Vily:

“How now mortal, what are this carriage without a horse? It vomits forth a cloud most foul from its backside. Take it far from me, lest I slay it like a beast.”

Kith Excerpt:

The all-female Plemya (Kith) of Vily were once close to our world. Working, playing, and loving, they lived alongside the mortal world in delightful abandon, maintaining the wild liminal spaces between our world and the many others. But mankind changed, and demanded more – more knowledge, more wealth, more war.

The Vily, dismayed and hurt by man’s greed, left for a better place in the wilds where the walls between worlds were thinner. They set sail for the Thrice-Tenth-Kingdom. However, they didn’t quite go all the way, and set up their own world. But they vowed to return when man needed them again. That time has not yet came, though the occasional wise-woman or hedge-witch can contact them if need be.

The Vily have their own world between the Dreaming and the Waking world (which they understand as the world of men). It is a liminal space, where the walls between worlds grows thin. Here there are whole villages of the Vily, all women (with the occasional mortal lover). There are routes out of course, but only the Vily know them, and they protect them with a dangerous fervor. The world of men is confusing and angry, but in their wild places, things are ordered and neat and ever so pure.



“Blood sister Vily, I look for you over nine fields, nine meadows, nine lakes, nine woods, nine mountains, nine rocky mountain peaks and nine decaying castles because you want to come to me and be my blood sister. Blood sister vily, I have found you and I am your beloved sister. What has belonged to me from the beginning of time must be mine.”
– Song for a Hedge Witch to summon the Vily

“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you.
As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.”
― Leigh Bardugo, “Wonder Woman: Warbringer”


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