A Year and A Day: Cinnamon Saracen

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Cinnamon Saracen:

“Greetings honored stranger, well met by sunlight. Sample my wares? Be careful, the depths and richness may be too grand for soft-tempered tongues…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Experts say that “Spices are the dried grounds of bark, roots, berries, and other plant parts.” Not so says the deep Dreaming. Spices are the very Land itself! Past the farthest reaches of the Kingdom of Sweets lie veritable deserts of spice – Deserts of rust colored cinnamon, dry river-beds of cloves, and plateaus of pungent Mace.

One family of far-flung fae, kin-folk to the ubiquitous Eshu, traverses these spicy realms on the regular. On their be-sailed wagons, billowy sails filled by sun-scorched sirocco winds, they pilot across the spicy dunes of seemingly uninhabitable lands. With a secret name (known only to themselves), these desert Nomads are recognized only by their sobriquet – the Cinnamon Saracens.

It is said that their secret name can only be gained if traded with the oddest of rare spices, hidden far away in the deepest heart of the farthest dreaming realms. It may be a rumor, true, but these spice-loving Fae love the rumors spread about them. In fact, many may even play up the mystique, if only to cement their other-wordly reputation. That mysterious true name they all hold for themselves? You can certainly get it… for a price.



“He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!”
– Frank Herbert, “Dune”


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