A Year and A Day: Kirkgrim

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Kirkgrim:

“This be hallowed Ground, me brother. Best to be minding yuir manners if’n you wish to continue this night.”

Kith Excerpt:

Born of long-hallowed churches and graveyards, the Kirkgrims are a kith that blurs the line between Wraith and Fae. Like the Sluagh, the Bean-Si`, and other Shadow-touched Changeling, the Kirkgrim dwell in that liminal space between Dreaming and the eternal sleep. They are spiritual inheritors of old Scottish hounds, always black, destined to guard holy places. Some of these blessed dogs were ceremonially slaughtered to be blessedly buried at the threshold of these edifices. From the blood and the dreams of this death came the Kirkgrim.

The dead also have a special relationship with the Kirkgrim, able to affect and touch the kith as if the Kith were in the Shadowlands… the wisest of this Kith learn to keep it a secret and use it only when necessary to carry out an important task.

A morose lot, the Kirkgrim are somber in their undertakings. They are well aware of their destiny and adhere to its functions with the utmost gravity. They are able bodied, and even more-so able-minded. From their first saining they seek to fulfill their God-given (at least they believe so) duty to protect the few still holy places in the United Kingdom. Any given Church in Greater Britain, or any random Grave-site may boast a black-garbed and stern individual as the caretaker. While it is possible for these Kithain to leave their post for any length of time, each one will ensure that their warded demesne is in safe hands. They may ask another Kirkgrim (usually an elder) to watch it while they are gone and will set up a ward to protect it (as the Birthright below). When content that their area will be all right, they can join a motley of other Kith for a season or two. Their natural instincts, iron demeanor, and ability to see through bull-shit endears them to their friends. But sometimes their dour natures, stubborn outlooks, and inability to skirt by the rules may also rub their allies the wrong way. This is why so many of the Elders of this Kith encourage these adventures. Àrd Kirkgrims want the young-ones to know what life has to offer, for good or for ill.



“Got on my dead man’s suit and my smilin’ skull ring
My lucky graveyard boots and song to sing
I got a song to sing, keep me out of the cold
And I’ll meet you further on up the road.”
– Johnny Cash, “Further On Up the Road”


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