A Year and A Day: Chickcharney

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Chickcharney.pdf

Quoth the Chickcharney:

“Ras Claat Quashie come stepping tru our wilds, but them show only fuckery. I and I give mercy only when mercy should be give.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Changeling way was a process in which some creatures, otherwise, destined for obscurity, could still exist in some fashion. Most know of the various Kithain families, and their plight in adjusting to a post-sundering world. Yet one family of Jumbee (Kith) from the Fiefs of Bright Paradise undertook the same process in order to circumvent their own impending extinction. The Chickcharney were always a magical species. While modern science can point to Tyto pollens – a large flightless long-legged owl that once existed on the Andros Island in the Bahamas – the local Quashie (Fae) knew better. These weren’t just birds, they were mystical guardians of sacred knowledge- beasts that could bless the reverent and curse the ill-mannered.

The Jumbee that remains after the Changeling Way still possess the same powers attributed to their avian number. This owl-headed and feathered family now hold sway over those truly wild places that still exist in the Fiefs.

And Hold sway they do. Territorial and protective, not even the local Fenky-Fenky (Sidhe) are immune to their judgement. One such figure, a politician by name of Neville Chamberlain was subject to their displeasure. He inherited large swathes of the Fiefs, Chickcharney territories that he wished to develop. After his orders of deforestation in their breeding ground, he was afflicted with a long list of traumas from which he never recovered. True story.



“Babylon destroy your minds they want to corrupt, But I ‘n I have got to reach the higher heights up above
If a hawk can fly and show its love with songs of praise and giving thanks along 395’s polluted 10-lane highways
Then why can’t we just show respect for all things with no neglect and realize that love it is the only way?”
– SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army), “Faith Works”


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