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Quoth the Bichura:

“Here’s your breakfast sir, with a friendly reminder. If you attempt to touch the new help’s ass again, I will cut your hand off, roast it, and shove it up your dick-hole. I have been here a long time and have every single one of your mistresses, as well as your wife, on speed-dial. Would you like more coffee?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Bichura are bundle of fiery passionate energy, the flame that every household needs, the fire that fuels a family, and every traditional household had one. Somewhere between little archaic Kitchen Goddesses and Elemental Fire Princesses, the Lagyeri (Kith) Bichura have changed little despite the changing Mongolian culture-scape.

Also sometimes known misunderstood as Ia Salkat, Irhsi, or Od Iyesu (themselves Fire Deities) the Bichura exist best as hidden servants. From the beginning of their chrysalis until their full saining they find a family to work for –either their own or another’s, and quickly immerse themselves into their new occupation. Even those Bichura that initially hate the idea of a lifetime spent humbly serving others easily adapt to the situation, and in time become head-chefs or head-maids of the other servants, ensuring that these fellow helps do their job correctly

It should serve as fair warning, however, that despite their role as servants, the Bichura are still fiery goddesses in their own right. They are a proud Lagyeri and are prone to violent fits of rage if they feel that they aren’t treated according to their status as divinity. Many an unwitting wealthy master who treated one unfairly disappeared in an untimely manner, and in his last testament bequeathed his holdings, his wealth, his everything to the Help.



“Of the good we have an understanding, for fools we keep a stick upstairs.”
– Mongolian Proverb


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