A Year and A Day: Orung Bunian

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Orung Bunian:

“No, please, don’t bow. I’m not into that. I’d prefer if you didn’t see me at all. That way, you couldn’t get away with it, eh? Just kidding.”

Kith Excerpt:

Also known as the Whistling People, or the Hidden People, the Ruling Hantu (Kith) of Orung Bunian are the most gregarious, optimistic, and Enthusiastic of the Athurakal (Fae). There are also their mortal blood ties to numerous hidden families of magic users. With such ties of blood they achieve amazing feats of their own magic, far surpassing the feats of their Fellow Hantu. They are beautiful, magic, and they can turn invisible at will. Yep, things are great for them.

With all these magic resources at their disposal, it is small wonder that the majority of the Orung Bunian are Yetkhat (Seelie). They are blessed, they know it, and want to share their blessings with the world. They prefer to do so behind the scenes, however, and walk amongst their peers –both mortal, fae and mage, unseen. They see those in need of help and aid them in ways strange and beautiful.

Of course there are Suanggi (Unseelie) Orung Bunian, but they see view their Suangginess as a divine call to shock and awe mortals into appreciating the strangeness and beauty of life. What really matters to both Yetkhat and Suanggi is that everybody is happy. Life is one long celebration for the Orung Bunian. Life is as beautiful and strange as they are. It is their divine mission to ensure that others understand the same.



“’We should be used to it,’ Tatiana reasons.
‘There have always been lines separating us from the rest of the world,
whether they were satin ribbons or iron rails.'”
― Sarah Miller, “The Lost Crown”


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